Hello and welcome,

Chapter I

Playful Times Keep The Spirit Alive ~

The most important thing I can tell you about myself and my private world is that, in essence, the only thing I've changed is my name. I just love being me: highly sensual, luscious nature, open minded, deliciously girly and dressed to turn heads, not to raise eyebrows!

I'm into sexy lingerie, GFE, tasteful floral arrangements, privacy and discretion, seedless grapes, all aspects of oral (verbosity included), heroes, frenzied behaviour, alter ego, Notting Hill, stretching, WittyWealthyWise man, long foreplays, Channel Allure , infinity pools, hygiene please, making good decisions, fast lanes, safe sex, happy endings, and I adore a man who looks after himself but is not too serious just for the hellish fun of it!

I've added a full chapter to the "Bad Girls Guide That Did No Harm" with the fanciest, sleaziest, roughest, wittiest, sauciest paragraphs and one liners just because I'm cool and contrary.

I wrote these in the nude while surrounded by spicy vanilla scented candles.

You're welcome.

Chapter II

Tell Me More ~

What are your measurements and how old are you?

All my photos are recent and details accurate.

* Measurements: 34D/24/34
* Size: 10
* Age: Alluring Young 47
* Height: 5'6"

What days/time are you available?

I am available daily from 11AM until 11PM. "Out of Hours" appointments are welcome.

Do you take a last minute appointment?

Yes, if I am not busy.

What is your schedule like?

My schedule changes vastly. Obviously, it is always best to make an appointment in advance.

Your views on hygiene and safe play?

Hygiene is extremely important to me and I sincerely hope it is to you, too! When you arrive you will always find me freshly showered. If you haven’t been able to shower before arriving (due to time constraints, etc), then you are perfectly welcome to have a shower in my home before we start having some fun … VERY SAFE PLAY.

Do you limit the number of encounters for the afternoons/evenings of extravagant delights?

Yes I do. It keeps my libido high and provides a very satisfying time at all levels in a safe and discreet environment.

I don't provide a "service" but participate enthusiastically in playful times.

Dalliance gift?

The contact page :)

Do you have reviews on directories?

Yes. They are all positive and with a rate of 10/10. If they are important to you just email me and I will send the links to the directories with the reviews and field reports.

Where are you located?

I live in Notting Hill, W11, in my warm one-bedroom flat in a quiet and peaceful area which is very safe, private and discreet.
The nearest underground station is Holland Park (central line), and takes about 10 minutes walking to arrive to my lovely flat.
If you are coming by car, there are always meters available. They have a maximum stay of 4 hours.

Are you discreet and trustworthy?

Absolutely! I always maintain the highest standard in professionalism and loyalty.
Discretion on both of our parts is essential.

Am I allowed to smoke in your home?

Yes. When you are with me be yourself always.

Tell me three words that describe your personality?

Reliable, confident and fun.

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